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James Reiner Memorial Park

After our son James was taken to heaven in death at the age of 15 in December 1999, gifts were given in his memory to build a memorial park at the Baptist Mid-Missions of Brazil Complex and Fortaleza Academy. It was a desire he had expressed - to go to and from school with his friends on walkways under shady trees. Thanks to the myriad individuals who honored our grief, we designed and built the most amazing and beautiful park, enjoyed by all until the closing of the school and complex in 2009. Here, on several pages of our site, are photos of the original park and signature stones. Because there were no plans to relocate the park, many of the components have been placed in other ministries throughout Northeast Brazil such as camps, seminary campus, and missionaries' homes. We brought a few items home with us. Several concrete benches, plaques and park stones are in our backyard.

JamesĀ“ life and influence continues in our family and we love hearing his name spoken. Yes, it hurts, because the object of our love is no longer present and we miss him terribly. We look forward to the day we see him again and hear his voice excitedly sharing all kinds of information. If you have something to share with us about JamesĀ“ life, please email us at

This is one of the areas of school that James hoped his daddy would improve. He said, "Come on, Dad. Just write the check!"

The photos that follow are the result of many gifts of love in memory of our son.